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How to be a gangster

Last night, I was streaming GTAV online and one of my viewers (who is also a fellow streamer and a huge inspiration to my own streaming career so far) invited me to be the 4th member of the big prison heist they'd been planning.  The whole adventure will be on twitch.tv for a few weeks if you wanna check it out, but one moment really popped out to me.


Click on the link now and continue to read, because it will take a bit to load.  I'll edit this post soon as I figure out how to export it to youtube, but for now trust me.  It's only a minute long, but due to the way it is stored, twitch has to run through a lot of data to dig up the footage. 

While our buddies were on the other side of the city doing something insanely dangerous (I kinda spaced out during their briefing), Shadonite and I posed as cops, stole a cop car, and used our disguises at the local police department to steal the schedule for when the next prison bus was coming as we needed one for our master plan of rescuing some guy that looks like Walter White. 

This clip captures the burning of any evidence leading back to us.  It is so easy to get caught up in objectives and the rush of whatever world we find ourselves in.  We too often forget to simply enjoy the moment.  When I ripped the car around around to park and smoke to acknowledge the death of that vehicle we'd just had such good times in, I think I ripped Shado right out of that rush and directly into a moment of pure magic.  The rest of the night after just kept getting better and better from there.  Hope you enjoy.