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Quoting myself for once

"I know all the homeless people in this part of the city.  They are the only ones who say 'hi' back."

My roommate and I were heading to Radio Shack when I said this.  She met me after work so we could go spoil ourselves.  We walked the streets and she noted how many people I was having conversations with.  And thus, today's quote.  

But again, I said this and I stopped.  I was stopped with wonder and paused to ask myself why.  Why is it that it is so much easier to talk to these homeless people I feed than it is to talk to half of the rich people I feed?  A simple answer screamed out to me.  They talk to you because they want something.  Bullshit.  So do the snooty shoppers in my store whose body language and demeanor deny all friendly interaction when they approach my register.  They also talk to me simply because they want something.  Yet there are plenty of customers who engage with my soul at the register as many of these homeless people do.  It has little to do with what they want, for we are all rich and poor with social interaction as we are with money and wealth.  Physical wealth is just easier to measure than social wealth.  

I couldn't shake this question all night.  So I took a page from Rumi's book and drank myself into oblivion.  

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