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Water technology

Not many people study Taoism.  I think what stops a lot of them is the non-truth that studying the Tao, or way, of the Te Ching implies that they are suddenly a Taoist.  It's totally ok to study something and find you are not a fan after reading.  Life is like that.

But today I want to talk about the Te, the second word of the Tao Te Ching.  Te can be described as the perfect intelligence derived by looking directly in the source.  It is the intelligence that drove man to create a sail out of cloth and use it to hijack the power of the wind's playful yet predictable nature and use that power effortlessly without taking anything away or harming anyone.

The Te is also very eminent in this article
This article features images of these giant, flower-like buds that are able to pull 100 liters of water per night into them from the desert sky.  This technology was coopted by a desert beetle whose strangely curved exoskeletons pulled a few drops of water from the air every few hours so they may live during the day with other things on their minds.  This perfect knowledge hiding in plain sight is the very essence of the Te.

"If man can but dream it, man can build it."  Hold onto that thought as you remember that every moment of our lives is meant to be experienced in pure rapturous ecstasy.  There is a way for all to be prosperous and the answers are all right under our noses.  Focus inwards, dream a better way, and seed that dream so that it will infect mankind as to overflow from the world of thoughts and spill forth into physical manifestation.  Through ideas like this one, brought to life by sharing them and calling to action, we can make this world free and beautiful, "a wonderful adventure," as Charlie Chaplin once said.  Namaste, my dear readers.  I'll meet you on the field.

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