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Intuition, Luck, and the Nature of the Universe

I came up with the title of this post and ... well I only hope I can do the title justice.  Here goes nothing.

The event that spawned this post happened at the end of my day of work.  Unlike my norm, I followed a coworker to her bus stop to continue an interesting discussion and proceeded to roam slowly from there down to my stop to find my train home waiting for me.  I hopped on and began writing.  My attention wavered and I looked up to see a beautiful young girl.  She is a friend of a roommate I know only by name, reputation, and a few pictures from a photo album I saw once on my her computer.  I take a chance and ask this girl I have never met, "excuse me, miss, is your name Melissa?"

My intuition is not wrong and we get to know each other.  Now in complete intuition mode, I randomly feel like having some tea so I ask her if she wants boba tea too.  She loves boba tea.  Little did I know, my roommate was going to take her to get boba tea soon as she arrived.  

Later that night, I am hanging with some of my kittens (high school friends) who just got back from an Imagine Dragons concert in my city.  awesome.  On my way home, I miss the train so I go wait for a friend to pick me up and while waiting, some young man and his friend approach talking to each other.  I lock eyes with the speaker and instantaneously his question to his friend is genuinely addressed to me.  

He asks something along the lines of "how do we calm the fear of the unknown and do what we know can't not to do?"  I knew in my heart of hearts that he is asking me for advice on girls and the acquiring of numbers, yet he asked me in this most unique way.  My eyes never leave his as I think and reply.

I say something like, "we can't focus on what happens if we fail for it doesn't really matter-- at the end of the day, our lives are fleeting and that isn't meant to be a source of worry.  It helps guide us to let our true feelings flow from sacrum to throat and manifest into being; trust your instincts and in the unlikely event you do something silly because of them, realize that it doesn't matter-- you may never see them again and you will always know you did what the lion in your heart demanded you do."

We share a moment and he says, "I somehow knew that you were just sitting here waiting to answer my question.  You, my friend, are going to go out into this journey of life well prepared." 

He crossed the street and my roommate's car rolls up LITERALLY as he is half way across the street.  I told them about it immediately and their only response was, "are you sure he didn't disappear half way across the street?  If he did just walk by, he was J walking and I don't remember seeing anyone."  I couldn't respond.  I really didn't know at that point.  Had it simply been a dream?

I digress.  This story is distracting me from my point.  This intuition, this superlative luck, it defies probability.  Is it luck that put me next to Marissa on the bus?  Is it fate that I missed my train and crossed paths with that random sojourner and his question?  Is chance that I watch a movie and almost immediately get a call from a long estranged friend asking questions about it-- or that one time when I had a dream and something like 7 people contacted me in the same day with heart felt messages?  

This grace, this oneness-- it can only be described in Rumi's terms as The Beloved.  It is the universe; and it is the realization that I am not a single drop in the ocean, I am the entire ocean in a single drop.

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