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Old soul

On many occasions in my life, mentors have referred to me as an old soul.  

The term never quite yielded its true colors and I could never quite say I confirmed or denied these continuous claims.  One of the frequent troubles I encountered with the term was whether or not an old soul would have such a wonder of life as this one.  I always assumed I was a young soul because I have always had this sheer wonder.  My only conception of young and old that I have learned from humans tells me that young have wonder at the beauties of the world and old have a knowing and experienced appreciation for them.  If I have a soul, I do not think it has any experience at all of this human experience of beauty.  I can feel it writhing in my heart, pulling me to go experience that and see this and do that and live this.  It is like a child in a toy store; it is a young soul.

Another wrote on this topic and made a checklist for old souls.  I was curious, so I read along.

She said older souls have an easier time learning the deeper lessons of life and death, see the body as a shell for the soul, have or are curious about more innate psychic or healing abilities, become spiritually aware at a younger age, have a knack for getting into situations that promote spiritual growth, consequently get into trouble with society for them, forgive others with incredible ease, have much less ego, are much less materialistic, have a deep connection to eras other than their own, are a loner possibly because of that, have an apparent disconnect between the reality they see and "the real world", and have an endless, ENDLESS thirst for truth.

She also said that there are some souls so old that they predate or transcend humanity.  These souls may have a home planet that is not Earth.  They may have come here to help with Earth's ascension or something.

I don't really know what to think of this list.  I mean on first glance I feel that I hit every single one in one way or another, but ... I think a lot of people do.  Who doesn't have some era like the steam punk or ancient Egypt that they have a hard on for?  Who hasn't thought some form of magic or another exists?  Who hasn't been a loner?  Are we all recycled souls?  What is a new soul?  Where does it come from?

My reading continued elsewhere.


And my readings lead to a much deeper place.  One I will mention at another time.  Sorry for leaving this post with so little closure, but that is where I am at on the issue.

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