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Irony is just another connection in disguise

This phrase came out of my big mouth today and I couldn't help but fall in love with it.  

Irony is just another connection in disguise.  

Irony is one of those words whose definition never seems to match up with the places it is used in.  The actual definition of ironic happenings are events whose consequences are somehow opposite if the expected norm, usually in a comedic way.  A cod example might be a sign set up next to an empty room reading, "illiteracy club meeting 6pm".  The irony is laced in using words to point out the meeting of a club if people who do not use words.  Another example of a different kind of irony would be a great king of old hearing prophecy of his own death and posting fifty guards at his bedside only to have one of the guards betray him.  The irony is that his own actions bringing about what his actions were done to avoid.  

Yet what do all of these situations have in common?  They have us in common chuckling on the sidelines.  What are we laughing at?  The connections.  If something is ironic, it is likely because we know something the players do not.  We see the whole of the tragedy and understand that it happened for a very obviously counter-logical reason.  

Become a watcher in your own life, in the vast play of this whole universe.  Chuckle at the ultimate connections and ironies.  

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