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"No other thing to be"

I read the most sickening article the other day.  The article's premise was basically "men have to act like heroes because there is no other option."

He went on to say that men have to find their role in something like "handyman" or "father" or "provider" or find something to do to make themselves feel worthwhile because otherwise they are not.  He claims that men cannot imagine simply being loved otherwise.  The worst part was that I was pretty much the only person up in arms about it.  All these people were like, "oh yeah, I totally can see that," or even, "I feel this every day, thank you for putting words to it."

Worth is something that comes from within.  It explodes out of your chest as spirits and rays of sunshine and other people think, "wow, that person is special and I cannot explain why."  No matter your race, gender, genus, or species, animate or inanimate, worth comes from within and needs not external justification.  

I won't say that gender roles and societal influences don't make us want to pull our hair out sometimes.  Eff, I am the last person who would ever say that.  Yet despite all that garbage, our worth and our love come from the self first.  Once we love ourselves and have worth in ourselves, the outside world follows in suit.  We will have mentors along the way to help us find that internal source, but one day we will have to shine forth on our own and be mentors to others as it was when we were first learning.

If we want to see a world without sexism, it starts from a place on the inside-- where we are all equal.  Namaste, my sisters and brothers.

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