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Tarot cards

Not to toot my own horn, but I am not awful at reading tarot.  In fact, I am a pretty darn good bruja.  However, I get asked by 90% of people, "do you believe in the cards?"

My answer is basically this: human experience is insanely vast.  The amount of information in our lives is so tremendous, that on a completely statistical level any spread of cards will very likely be applicable to your life somehow.  That being said, the terms "freaky" and "spot on" don't really do justice to just how heavy and personal tarot readings can be.  In the face of the unknown without science to explain, people turn to higher powers to explain these connections.  My real answer is that it doesn't matter whether the cards are telling the future, creating the future, randomly lining up with your life, or are simply broad enough to be applicable to any life.  What matters is that you are sitting down and thinking about the forces in your life.  You are thinking about where you are and where you may go-- who you are and who you might yet be.  That is where the power of the cards resides, regardless of how they connect to your life.  You are the powerful one.  Always you.

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