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Was texting with a friend of mine and she (name changed for her safety) asked me out of the blue:
(Adara) do you believe in Karma?

I replied quickly as I was in the job at the time:
(Me) Sort of.  I believe that everything is connected.  I believe this to the point that the idea of karma is almost moot because when everything is connected, something strange happens.  There is no longer a 'me' and a 'you,' there is only 'us.'  If I hurt you, I am hurting us.  If I do good to you, I feel like I am doing good to myself.


This may not seem related, but bear with me.  There was a longitudinal study on monkeys in Japan where they gave them peeled mangos (which they loved) but gave them the mangos covered in sand (which they hated).  In secret, they taught one child monkey how to wash the mango in the stream of their community pen.  This monkey showed the others, but the older monkeys did not listen to her.  They continued to pick the grains out with their fingers and shunned this new way of doing.  The other child monkeys listened though.  Along with our young heroine, they began to slowly understand her and wash their mangos in the stream.  The fad slowly, slowly caught on until about 50-60% of the population knew the technique and almost overnight all but the angriest of monkeys were in line washing their mangos peacefully in the stream.

Now the strange part.  They went to another pen on another island to duplicate their results.  They performed their control experiment where they gave them all the sandy mangos.  All the monkeys went down to the stream together, formed a little line, and washed their mangos as our heroine monkey was shown months earlier.  "Well fuck."

They went to yet another island separated by time and space where they were certain no monkeys may have been transferred or communicated with the other monkeys.  They performed their control.  Same result.  Monkeys at peace in single file washing mangos.

tl;dr, we are all connected.  Consciousness grids, spirits, god, whatever your explanation, it matters not.  What matters is that we are all in this together and we all share the same beating heart.  I love you, my dear readers.  And in doing so, I am loved.

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