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Disturbing way the wind is blowing

The wind is blowing in a very disturbing way, my friends.  I read a series of articles yesterday whose combination sent my stomach through the floor in fear.  The first was about sightings and reports of military equipment being prepared across United States soil.  The second was regarding the possibility of the Boston Marathon Bombings as a false flag operation.  The third spoke of a similar string of connections and how they ended in another country.  

So the sightings and reports.  Trains carrying tanks all over the country, the military making a purchase of 3 times the number of bullets used in our wars overseas, policemen coming out and saying they are taking part in federal exercises learning how to lock down and perform operations on American soil, and leaked psyops reports relaying who to target and how... I can't remember all of them now, but the implications were scary.

From what I saw on the television at work, during the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing, the police shut down the city.  There were armored personnel carriers and enough riot gear to make the end of V for Vendetta look like a peaceful protest.  Where did it all come from?  Did the city of Boston really just have all that shit lying around?  Did they really have all those man hours available to deploy on the spot?  The connections line up.  They say that this was a live test of how a single city lockdown would look.  

I now have lost the country who this happened to, maybe Libya, but it went like this: the banks all got attacked by a computer virus.  The government response was to shut down the banks for a weekend to get the system back online with their best operatives on the case.  72 hours later, the country was under martial law.  It wasn't a computer virus, it was a ploy on both sides to contain and disable the people.

These articles in order are terrifying.

Yet there is still hope.  Today I was delivering supplies to the other store and ran into two men speaking.  They both looked poorer than dirt but one was giving wise council to the other.  As I approached, the counseled started to leave and I could not unlock my eyes from the counselor.  His eyes as well were locked on mine.  I was suddenly back on the streets of Santa Cruz on a cold, starry night.  There was electricity in the air as an elderly man spoke to the hearts of many.  Under the isolated stars we all felt connected.  In the frigid air, we banded together as souls and were warm.  And here I found myself staring at this destitute man in the summertime of San Francisco, unable to break this connection.  

"Hey, I know you... From somewhere."  Those were his words.  Both of us knew he was not talking about us.  

My suspicions confirmed, I was no longer shackled to his eyes.  I took a deep breath and smiled as I passed, "Yes.  Yes we do."

If we just remember where we all come from, there is hope for us even under the heel of such a force that would seek to oppress us so.  I have faith that connections like that will save us all and further bring us illuminated and enlightened into a new era.  Perhaps we needed this enemy to grow.  And if that is indeed so, this enemy may have my eternal thanks.

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