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Kirk/Spock fanfic dream

I don't know if I was horny or what, but I had a fanfic dream about Kirk and Spock.  

It started off like most of the Star Trek episodes where our favorite interracial gay couple is exploring a planet's anomaly.  The anomaly was a wave of mass unexplained deforestations followed by intense vegetative growth.  The boys hoped to find the mechanism for the growth to replicate on dying ecosystems.  After plotting regions of the anomaly, they predict where it will happen next.  

Kirk talks to some ambassadors coincidentally in the area while Spock does some reconnaissance.  Kirk's talk becomes heavily philosophical and the forest around this beach begins to die.  Spock notes this on radio, but all contact with Kirk has been lost.  Kirk starts becoming a light entity through this talk.  His life signs don't really fail, but his body becomes catatonic while his spirit moves on.  He can't shake the sensation of being a cat, yet he holds onto his physical projection.  

The mechanism for this miraculous growth is these elders feed off the energy of a hijacked spirit and channeling it into an area.  Nothing malicious, these ambassadors dive deep and truly convince those spirits to give themselves to the land.  Kirk is NOT convinced, but his spirit is so strong that the ambassadors get greedy and try to force it.  The forest begins to grow.  Kirk's life signs fall in parallel to the growth and the Enterprise agrees the connection cannot be coincidence.  Spock gets captured trying to recover Kirk's body.  

Kirk watches Spock as a dog get taken away-- his ridiculous hair and eyebrows on a small brown dog fighting to thwart his captors.  It is at this point that Kirk's ridiculous intellect figures out the ploy.  He knows he will build a whole world with his spirit, but his heart tells him his purpose is so much greater.  He talks them into a knot in an attempt to dissuade their greed and have them let go.  Meanwhile, Spock escapes his captors and informs the crew of the dire news.  The captain is dead.  Scotty says, "you know it has to be done."  I am not sure the specific nature of these words, but they shook me deeply and I know Spock could not accept them.  Logic and emotion demand Kirk's release.  Why would Kirk agree to this?

No later, Kirk walks in with a smug fucking grin on his face.  "I saw you," he starts, somehow with more smirk than before: "you were a dog-- you ARE a dog."

Spock makes an incoherent noise somewhere between a logical rebuttal and an explosion of emotion.  

"You see, I am a cat.  Everyone fucking loves me.  You are a dog-- fierce and loyal, emotional to a fault, and forever attached to me like heads and tails on a coin."

The banter begins after a moment for Spock to recall ancient alien history: "20th century currency.  No longer applicable, but I see the connection.  Perhaps a simple simile regarding friends would be more appropriate."

Kirk's eye twinkles as he drops a smile that could melt even the remotest moons...  Aaaaand I think the public narration of this dream should end here.

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