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Empathy and dreams

Last night, I had a dream that I was playing a really old game with my stepbrother again.  Secret of Mana.  It was really difficult this time, the rules were different, and we played as different characters.  Yet it was more beautiful and awesome than I could have imagined on my own.

The weird part was waking up to him sending me a Facebook message (a mere 3 hours before) about us actually playing the same game and not even knowing it.  In my dream, when you died, you got vastly separated and the game is infinitely harder alone.  You pretty much hold a position and defend as the other person dodges arrows and bubble beams sprinting the whole way there.  Once back as a team, things were better, but still challenging enough to put fire in his eyes-- a sight I love to see in him.  Especially as the healer I am.  

I showed him my guild and he wants to join up with me.  I cannot express my gratitude.  I cannot express my joy.  I cannot express the glorious strangeness of connecting to another person through a dream.  As Zelda said, "Back when I was in Ganon's clutches, the psychic link between us was so strong.  You seem so distant now, guarding the triforce-- and me, the princess of all Hyrule.  But I will never forget the time we shared together in our dreams."  Spoilers, that is the last line of the book~

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