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As usual, I was lamenting on the Internet and was given what I needed.  I was given a pretty awful picture of a scene of Jesus being beaten by some soldiers while carrying a cross.  The caption was, "the problem with many Christians is they believe they are this guy *pointing to Jesus* while acting like that guy *pointing to a particularly violent oppressor*."  I found the image slanderous, sometimes true, yet all in all simply missing one of the great points of life.

This great point is that in order for Jesus to have the impact he did, that oppression was kind of necessary.  It paved the way for him to transform from just some awesome hippy into a figure and an idea that changed history.  In the same way, no matter why or who, the various forms of oppression in our time are giving birth to a whole generation of heroes.  Jesuses and Jesusettes who, in standing up, have and will become ideas that change the lives of millions.  In our time, we live in yet another conflict that cultivates the human spirit in the same way a fresh coat of rain and death cultivates the forest.

We all have our parts to play in this great space opera aboard our giant organic spaceship orbiting a low-class star in the unimportant suburbs of our plain yet beautiful galaxy.  So don't shun the tiger for being the tiger any more than you would shun the flower for blooming or a star for exploding, instead focus on the voice of your heart.  It will tell you how to play your part-- for that part is the movement of one drop in a limitless ocean; one drop that is a part of the whole ocean creating waves that lap against the rocks of history.

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