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First off, I have quite a number of posts I have but don't want to post until I revise them.  Not revising for mistakes, lord knows I make enough of those to fail me out of primary school thrice over, but for content.  I'm just not sure how to post the content in the correct way.  So I'll keep chuggin away on it.

As for today's post, it is just a reiteration of something I've said a thousand times.  I have amazing dreams.  I'm currently working on turning two of my dreams into full length stories.  Not only is there enough there, but there is enough to share to make the effort to me worth a whole lot.  I could take this one step further and say that there are enough of my dreams out there with coherence, substance, and intrigue that I could honestly make a living for myself as an author simply writing my dreams.

Last night I had a dream involving two ships.  At first, one ship carried the other, but as my enemies closed in, we eluded them by taking one ship one direction with a father as captain and the other ship in another direction with a son as captain, confusing my pursuers.

All that stuff aside, the unique part of the dream that I want to replicate in a story somewhere is what happened later on.  The scene was myself and the son of the captain (who was now a captain himself) are going down into the cargo hold to get some devices I need for eluding and, if necessary, combat.  Someone I knew NARRATED the scene as she thought it would happen.  The scene then restarted and proceeded with how it actually went down from my perspective with no narration.

Dream aside, how cool is that as an artistic device?  I don't necessarily plan on using the actual dream as a story, but that scene and how it lets you play with side characters at the same time as giving main characters non-cannon and out-of-perspective interactions is really quite fun.

Right-o.  Gonna go get Teriyaki Tofu from this place down the street at before they close at midnight.  Peace out, my friends.

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