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Dancing as an Art form

I made the mistake today of showing this to a dancer.

After watching it she said, "well fuck, dance as an art form is now ruined for me.  Nothing real will ever beat that performance."

The piece is one of those things where they had some dancers and recorded it and had the animators draw over it however they pleased.  The result has characters growing wings, becoming water, stopping time, and disappearing at will.  Combined with the already beautiful choreography, music, and message (yes, never forget that piece, for even the most beautiful thing is nothing without it), this piece brings to life everything I could want and more from a performance piece.

That being said, I don't think that dance is ruined.  The other me screams from their long lost slumber in another dimension.  This other me reminds me that many bodies simply joy to dance.  Where my body joys from fulfilling my purpose, some bodies simply joy and find purpose in moving to and creating art with their bodies.

Art forms, technology, our very ways of life, -hell- our lives themselves, are all evolving day by day and decade by decade.  Is one way ever ruined by the one that comes next?  Yes?  No?  We all have so many thousands of examples one way or the other.  But in the end, there is only one example that is as of now without answer.  Death.  Will that change in our way of life (if you can humor me and call it that) ruin what we had?  Or will it, like this video, EVOLVE the very way we are able to look at and create?

Time will yet tell for every person reading these words.  Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

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