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Hahahahhahaha, yeah right.

Our menus are so vast and intimidating that frequently people sit there for a very long time just getting through it and deciding on what sounds good.  Occasionally, customers will ask me what item is best.  And of course, I tell them :3

The best item on our menu is the Buddha Satay bowl but you do some stuff to it.  The bowl starts off with rice noodles topped with a choice of protein, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, broccoli, peanuts, and some spicy satay sauce.  The small changes go like this: take out half the noodles and replace them with quinoa, add some avocado, and put it in a plastic bag to toss it before making it into a burrito instead of a bowl.  When tossed properly, the quinoa and noodles really suck up the sauce and distribute it evenly and lightly over all the vegetables which become the centerpoint of the burrito.  The avocado just ... makes anything better.

So I've been teaching this burrito to our customers and one person was like, "you should name it the Cody Satay".  I laughed and played along like I normally do.

Today someone came up and was like, "hey, I was told I should try the Cody Satay".  I plugged it in and sent it on its way.  They greatly enjoyed it.  I smiled a lot.  ... It's totally a silly coincidence, but I kinda hope it catches on as one of our burrito choices so I can be compared to Buddha every day by hundreds of customers.  :P

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