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Meditation 101

Meditation can be by hard for people because they are not taught how to do it from a young age. The inexperience coupled with the lack of any common practices (besides mothafuckin "ooooommmmmm") leads many people to avoid it as would a daft man in a desert would avoid a cactus, unaware of the life-giving water held inside.

In my experience, the most important part of beginning meditation is to align the flow of energies up the body. I feel that once this happens, once this toroidal energy pattern is allowed to resonate through your body, the only other thing to do during meditation is to enjoy it.

One way to conceptualize this "aligning the flow of energies up the body" is through the chakras. Once all are aligned, the heart and mind form a field, pushing and pulling exactly as the Earth does. Scientifically, that healthy toroidal flow of energy is meditation. It explains the phenomenon associated with meditation anyway. The alpha pattern alignment in the brain, the realignment of the internal systems, the breathing patterns, and the simple joy of being are all, to me, explained by this energy field.

Without further ado, let's get started on how to open that path so that energy can flow and meditation can occur.

The lower ones first. For me these were the hardest to open but for most people they ought to be super easy. They are simply being grounded in the physical plane via the body. Simply breathe in and out once. Let your center fall beneath you into the earth and feel the chills. Whether you are happy with your physical form or not, this is possible. It is accepting now and every possible future you. Even if you aren't perfectly grounded in your body, you can be happy that you are making the changes to be so.

The middle ones extend slightly from the body into the world around us. These are the hardest because they are often forgotten about. People try to jump right to the crown and spiritual enlightenment as if it is something the body reaches. It is not. It is something the universe reaches. Once you are centered in your body you have to first center yourself in the world. Once you center yourself in the world, you can reach above. But that will come later.

The middle ones have to do with communicating with the world around you. Start with the heart. Think about someone you love dearly. Think about the magic they bring to the world and how they do it. Let yourself smile or cry at the thought. Then think about how that soul is communicated. Realize this communication is all we have. Realize that you are talking right now as you do this.

Only realizing that simple interconnectedness can the upper two be opened. But by now if you are following along your spine is aligned and you are probably sitting straight without even thinking about it. You close your eyes and feel all the life around you and all the beauty surrounding you. The last step is to gently let your head tilt back and point that inner eye skyward. That same connectedness extends in a new direction-- a direction that there are no words for.

I won't even try to describe it. I'll just let you go experience it. That is where meditation awaits you.

Ground yourself.
Connect yourself.
Set yourself free.
Those are the steps I have found to meditation.

Not ironically, when I was doing my polyphasic sleeping schedule I would look at each nap as not a sleep, but a meditation. I would enter this state and then my mind would fall into rem sleep, allowing my thoughts to slowly drift into the pure creative zone of dreaming. I am not sure that it was sleep, but I know I was getting my rem in. It was pure relaxation. It was all the rest I needed during those months with a scant 4 hours of sleep per day.

I'll post more about polyphasing soon. Tis a good topic for discussion.

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