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Knowing when you are on the right path

When an archer is shooting for nothing, she has all of her skill.  If she shoots for the prize of a brass buckle, she becomes nervous.  If she shoots for a prize of gold, she sees two targets!  She becomes out of her mind!  Her skill has not changed, but the prize divides her.  She cares; she thinks more of winning than of doing.  Desire drains her of power.  And then, when money does jingle from her pocket, she is consoled.  Even on the day when she can buy nothing with it.

Dear readers, there is a currency beyond money that jingles in my pocket.  It comforts me as it flows through my body, causing goosebumps to rise and a greater connection to flow through me.  In living within this flow, I am consoled.  In enacting it, I know that I am enough without anyone telling me that I am.  

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