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I found this scrawled on the back of a page of my clipboard.  It's my handwriting.  I vaguely recall this, but I love everything about it.

"Be amazed that every action you do may be observed and may then completely alter the internal world of another.  For instance, a bird came to me just now.  She used her eyes and beckoned my attention and made me watch as she drank from the stream.  What did she mean by that?  I sat for a moment and then got real.  She's just a jay, her mind is small, her communication to me is literal, she just wants me to drink... So I drank.  And I sat amazed all night with wondering eyes.  What if my presence here tonight is reminding something out there to just breathe and relax?  (--even if you look really stupid doing it)"

I love it!  It's so very out there, yet also witty and crisp.  It perfectly encapsulates this tiny piece of utter awe at the universe and the raw joy that accompanied it.  I love everything about it.  Ok, I shared my writing, next time I can get back to sharing my thoughts.

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