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The Numinous Dimension

I want to talk today about dimensionality.  I'll start with a brief synopsis for the uninitiated and then jump into what I want to say after the music note if you wanna jump right down.

Let's start with one dimension, a line.  I can go left, I can go right, but any other direction just seems insane to me.  If this is a numbered line, 1 is 1 and there is no other 1 out there.  There is an infinite in front of me and an infinite behind me, how could I imagine anything more.  

Moving on to two dimensions, each point on the original line becomes a new infinite.  Miraculously, the number 1 from our previous line now holds within it the entire known and unknown universes it could imagine in the previous dimensionality.  Now there is a plane, a flat sheet of paper, a Flatland if you'll forgive the literary reference, that we can draw cool stuff on.  Connections never thought possible are able to be created indefinitely on this new infinite canvas.

In three dimensions, there is yet another direction to go.  Moving in this direction can appear like moving through time.  An entire new infinite canvas, expressing another entire imagining of everything the previous universe could come up with.  String a few together and you can create a psychic continuum that can tell stories.

Expand your view of conscious.  We can all understand these three dimensions because we actively live in them.  I can go left, right, up, down, forward, and backwards.  Time carries us forward into new iterations of our 3 dimensions.

Likewise with all other steps upward, we have to imagine infinity, all the possible and conceivable universes being stored in every individual point of our 3rd dimensional space.  The only way I can picture this is by picturing this new direction to be imagination.  Every point holds within it every conceivable universe.  Patterns emerge on this 4th dimensional landscape.  These patterns are the next replicator; they are IDEAS arising from the primordial soup of human culture.  Ideas jump from mind to mind, spread and take root, they exist simultaneously across vast quantities of space, they are higher dimensional beings.  

When I hear physicists fumble with higher dimensions, saying that they are "all wrapped up" or "moving in an imperceptible direction", I can't help but smile.  I live in the numinous dimension above.  When I close my eyes, I can experience lives relived with different choices or I can leave myself entirely and experience galaxies of lives unfurling like a flower before me.  

The Numinous.  I like that name.  I think you'll be hearing it more often now.

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