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Living in the past

We all have those people in our lives who wish we could go back to a simpler life.  Maybe one from the past where things were simpler.  Whether it be the 1910s or the Middle Ages, the stars were brighter back then and the enemies of today had not yet been imagined.  Sometimes these people emulate those times and try to bring them into reality today.  Sometimes they just enjoy the occasional fancy dress party dressed in said era.

Either way, I beg caution on these lines of thought.  It is important to remember that we are living in the present.  To forget the enemies of the present and escape to the childlike realities of the past is to forget all the growth that has occurred because of them.  We as human beings have the ability to imagine ANY potential future and pull the present forward to meet it.  For the future in our imagination to be limited to the purity of the past or the consequences of our future is crippling.  If we can imagine it, we can create it.

Imagine greater, dear reader.  In the dreamscape of your mind, you can imagine a world where a living architecture grows food and energy for us at the same time as we live every day freely and in constant, rapturous awe creating, sharing, and experiencing augmented reality stories uploaded to a Gaia-like global brain.  Certainly work must be done, but the last hundred years of highly masculine and frankly destructive ideology has given birth to marginal costs approaching zero.  There are no limits here, simply ask yourself, "why not?"  Why can't we have a technological singularity at the same time as a meditative and peaceful revolution of consciousness?  Why can't we have the absence of violent government combined with a community of individuals that nonviolently looks out for the rights of all? Or why not the opposite?  

If we can but imagine a future, we can bring the present forward to meet it.  Do not lose faith, dear reader.  Only you can do this.  Only you can save us all.  Only you can change yourself.

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