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2012 tldr

What is 2012/12/21?

Our star, Sol, and her sister, Serius, orbit each other in an elaborate and extremely long cosmic dance.  For the past age, Sol and Serius have been moving away from each other.  On the 21st of December (lol it's fucking February), they will begin their elliptical journey back towards one another.  Much like the seasons of the year, we have been in the dead of winter for so long, yet the solstice is passing us and we will once again begin our path towards the light of summer.  It is widely believed that humans consciousness follows this larger cycle-- much like many people get SAD in the winter months of our small Earthly cycle.  According to this metaphor of seasons, we are in our darkest days, yet we will now begin to awaken and grow as we cycle through this new cosmic season.  Many past cultures recognized the impact of these cosmic seasons.  The Maya even made a calendar of it.

How does this affect you?

I do not believe the world will transform overnight (NAILED IT).  Each and every person's transformation is different.  Each one will take time.  I believe that I have slowly been waking up to something inside of me for some time now.  I am slowly beginning to see how I wish the world to be and I  am even more slowly moving towards that vision by living the change I wish to see (lol that's an understatement at this point).  I do not believe I have the power to change the world, but I know I have the power to change myself and I hope only that this example will be enough to spur even one heart towards the path of peace.  This enlightenment and shift of consciousness is, in my mind, a domino effect.  Just as I woke up in part due to those awakened before me, I hope I will be able to wake others near me.  Like a kitty waking from kitty hibernation and causing all the other kitties to wake up (what the fuck did I just write).  As each of us wakes, an exponential awakening will begin and take us towards peace just as our sun begins to awaken and speed up as it approaches Serius.

I won't lie, there is some serious shit going on in this world.

Step one is simply to notice that it is there.  I feel society shifting under my feet as more and more people begin to simply see that our system is rigged against them.  Everyone knows it now.  Step two is to pinpoint the cause.  Thousands of voices are speaking out and the truth is out there, more accessible than ever before thanks to the internet and social networking.  Step three is to visualize the world as we dream it ought to be.  Every dream is different, but I believe that things such as peace, inalienable rights, and love are among most of them.  Step four is to enact that dream.  If every person's actions resonated with harmony, harmony would exist throughout the world.  That is what Democracy means: One Person, One Vote -- One Life, One Example.

I won't tell you how to live, but I will stand up and walk out of the cage in which we both live.

The rest is up to you, but I trust you.  I love you, because you are me.

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  1. You have been successful in your hope to affect at least one soul, I'm sure many times over in fact. You have been the change this world has been needing. May your life journey be fulfilling.