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dream ja vu

Ever have a dream only to realize you've had the very same dream at least once before?  Yeah, I had one of those last night.  Forewarning, there be vampires here.  I have a lot of dreams indicative of being an outsider, don't I?  For the record, I don't like vampires and really don't think I'd like to be one.

So I'm a vampire, dawg.  Yet I've forgotten pretty much everything about my previous life.  I used to have a brother?  Well he's trying to kill me now and I don't know why.  I used to be in choir?  Well I don't know any of our songs and find the whole thing scientifically fascinating to think about instead of simply a joy to sing and listen.  This girl from the choir is holding my hand?  I don't know who she is or why she's touching me, but what an interesting passing fancy!  We're playing a game that I don't understand and some older guy cheats to help me win?  I ... sort of remember that.  There's a castle set on stage... THIS I remember for sure somehow.  Very fanciful and extravagant.  I DO remember this.  But from where?  Is it from my waking life or is it from a dream?

The side panel of the set opens up to reveal a pool.  This is the secret lair of all those who wish to kill me.  I guess I could have realized it was a dream there, but whatevs.  I wait in the shadows.  People show up.  Things get awkward quickly.  I leave.  I'm noticed by a latecomer in a black hooded trenchcoat who brandishes a pitchfork set-prop and comes to stab me.  She grazes me on the forehead, but I throw her into a wall (ok it was more like she jabbed the pitchfork at me and I tried to roll backwards and kick her over me, but I ended up falling to the ground almost impaling myself with the pitchfork and THEN throwing her, but I wanted to sound cool).  More approach.

Time passes and I have all of them tied up to chairs and I'm forcing awkward conversation with them.  It's begrudging conversation, but at least they aren't trying to kill me anymore.  I'm no closer to figuring out why everyone wants me dead than I was when I started the dream.

I go home and on the way, I get stopped by choir folk who pull me in line to sing.  We are singing with a band.  We are in the background.  Our chords are every bit as intense and accurate as I feel they need to be, but the focus is all on the lead singer and his guitarist.  I ponder this for a while as I mimic the boy whose energy is leading his peers.

My hand becomes warm.  Someone is grabbing it.  I don't know why.  I assume she likes me, but ... I don't know her.  I don't know of a girl who would open up like that if she knew I didn't know.  I sing along for a bit and things descend into chaos.  I leave.

But I can't, everyone is gathering in a game.  I'm winning because someone is cheating to help me.  He cheats for me even when I'm up against his children.  I don't know how to think.  I leave without claiming a prize.

I'm at home and the lead singer of the band (in this dream played by Juaquin Phoenix) is chasing after me.  His intent is to kill me with his bare hands.  Does he know I'm already dead?  He tries to drown me.  I fake a little and come gasping up for breath (lol) and tell him that he KNOWS me, how could he do this.  Assassination attempt after assassination attempt, I keep calling to his conscience and not fighting.  I don't know him.  But I know I know him.

My whole life seemed a forgotten deja vu in this dream.  But then I woke up and I remembered again.  Yay.

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