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life theory

Here is an excerpt from an email conversation I had with a great friend.  For what it is worth (all the like 3 people from the US and the 4 people across Sweden and Spain who apparently are reading this blog for some reason), I've replaced the names with fictional characters.

Finn the Human: This one is a life theory. We have a theory that the world that we live in is where you go if you committed suicide in the world above; a place where you get a second chance. [Me and Jake] committed suicide in a past life (along with many others) and are here to live a life worth living, to live a life that makes a difference. Not everyone is real, some are just projections to make things more difficult or to help us on the way, like in multi-player video games, not everyone on screen is a player. Some of the projections are based off of our past lives and some are of new creation. We are the lucky few who get a second chance to have a story to be told. That is our theory

Me: I LOVE it. The only thing I wonder... what is the world above like?

Finn the Human: What is the adventure for if you already know what's in the treasure chest?

Uhh, yeah.  So I'm officially blown away.  That's awesome and I thought I'd share.  Another post is in the workings at this moment... wanted to post it, but still need to refine it.  I don't know how to say what I know I need to say about the upcoming financial situation of this country.  

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