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Mirrors Poem

The beautiful ones fall in love with
And are consumed in their reflection.

But if something is wrong
--Something Beautiful in its own right--

No mirror grips
And solitude seeks outward

These damaged ones looking outward find perfection without
In the realization that the universe is the mirror of the beauty within.

Therefore, my flawed friends,
Do not despair for the disparities of life

For each one opens

To the truth
Of our similarities

To the truth
Of our connectedness

To the truth
Of our collective beauty

To the truth
That we are friends

To the truth
That we are



This poem is kinda dedicated to the idea that imperfections and the hatred of the person in the mirror is often the catalyst for seeking outwardly and discovering compassion. I would go so far as to say that the lack of pain impairs the capacity for compassion.

But this brings up some startling questions. If life needs drama to reconnect to the source from which it emerged, then the dark is always required, yin and yang constantly circling around each other... Unable to eliminate each other.

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