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Was talking to a lovely young person today.  Had a fun conversation.  Sharing.  Have altered this person's name as well...  I also heavily edited this person's grammar and spelling.  They are from Canada, give 'em a break ;)

In case ya'all don't know, olin is my online screen name.  It's a day from the Aztec calendar-- the day AFTER the apocalypse when mankind has to pick up the pieces of its shattered self and decide how to move on again.  Sora is from Kingdom Hearts

[Sora] this song reminds me of before transition
[Sora] like
[olin] show meeeee~
[Sora] feeling and mentally being male kinda
[olin] I loved the last song you showed me
[Sora] and like...talking to myself and being really split...like the male and female warring inside
[Sora] kinda felt like a fight to the death that ended up in marriage   
[Sora] http://www.youtube.com/w ··· srz8eZsI
[Sora] here ya go
[olin] hehe. I dunno, from what I know of you it seems like more of a hostile takeover.  
[Sora] yes...hell of a violent one actually
[Sora] see in life there are 3 spirituals transformations
[Sora] at first the strong camel that wants to bear the weight of the world...and enjoys the orders to work
[Sora] then you become a lion...to kill a golden dragon that calls itself god..who by offering a universe to you, simply makes you a slave, and small.
[Sora] see the lion taking on the world with its strength isnt the end point
[Sora] all it does it make the potential for freedom, not freedom itself
[Sora] want to know what the greatest and mightiest spiritual state you can reach after this violent stage   
[olin] self immolation?
[olin] phoenix?
[Sora] to be a child again. and to create your own universe moment to moment. Free from the perversion that is the division that is good and evil.
[olin] ah   
[olin] so true
[Sora] so olin
[Sora] Hows your golden dragon doing   
[Sora] all killing it will do...is make potential
[olin] like most other things in my world, ablaze with the fires of growth.
[Sora] the freedom to be free
[Sora] a chance, to have a chance
[olin] but that fucker is still alive, I think
[olin] but burning. In part thanks to you~
[Sora] then become the apocalyptic lion.
[Sora] change is painful, uncomfortable..and devastating
[Sora] its the one thing the christians got right
[Sora] your agoony is a sighn that your on the right track   
[olin] amen~
[Sora] dont become an animal again
[Sora] animals seek out safe and quiet worlds to live in
[Sora] to fall into routine and simply exist without threats
[olin] that's death
[Sora] exacly
[Sora] spiritually and mentally
[olin] life without growth-- without change-- is not living
[Sora] see it is danger, threat, pain, need and want.
[Sora] these are things that are used to break the fate within our very bodies
[Sora] that curse we call DNA with it burning need to procreate and exist.
[Sora] if you can overcome that
[Sora] and make your own purpose than this one you were made for
[Sora] only then can you really claim to be more than an animal

It's awesome.  She's awesome.  Lots of interesting conversations lately.  :)

In other news, I'm officially a SUPER moderator now on the site I found her at.  It's exciting.  I got "training" for it which was basically a Kobiyashi Maru test where my trainer pretended to be a VERY troubled, suicidal, homicidal (I almost typed homic-icicle), and excessively medicated member and I did my best to help her.  Apparently, I had perfect marks save for one: I wasn't able to recognize that she was from Argentina based on the way she swore.  I did find out her location based on pinging her IP, but I could have confirmed her location faster if I'd known that.  

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