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Diamonds in the Rough

Insanity leads to chaos,
Then to solitude...
The fruitless effort of adding
Meaning to what is meaningless

A lone, Crimson tear
Falls into the sea...
The echo of the remaining star
Cries out in the infinite vacuum

The least I can do
Is send my distant prayers
Over the winds of time,
Setting sail on dreams...


I didn't write that.  I found it in a video game.  It was just an everyday RPG for the PS1 where you play as the protagonist and traverse this world AND a world where you died as a child.  Some RANDOM npc from his hometown was like, "hey, friend, I want to be a poet but I'm kinda stuck here in this little restaurant, would you listen to my poem?"  I was like, lol sure! ... And then I was like, ... oh.

My point with this post is two fold.

One, you can never know what you will find where you go.  Don't judge a book by its cover basically.  Just because it's a character in a video game doesn't mean it won't have something crazy to share.  Just because it is a waiter at a run down cafe doesn't mean it isn't a worthwhile person.  This npc was a diamond in the rough.  Frankly, that whole game is, but her even more so.  Don't let anyone be unnoticed-- don't turn away any pile of dirt.  Take in the whole world as it is and let that brilliant brain sift and sift.  You'll find yourself more diamonds that way.

Two, she is a poet in the world where the protagonist lives.  The story goes that there was a moment in time when the life of the main character was SO up to chance that the timeline split in two and years later, he learns to travel back and forth between the two worlds.  When he lives, she is a poet.  When he is dead, she's depressed.  No she doesn't love him or anything!  He just ... affected her.  His mother being in the town affected her.  Him and her friend Leena dating affected her.  Her friend's husband becoming a fisherman instead of a banker due to the protagonist ALSO affected her.  Every single drop in that ocean sweeping over her and creating something different.  Every single drop in that ocean caused by one small event that was left to chance.

The event of the protagonist living or dying.


Every moment of life is a drop in the ocean.  Make it good moment by moment by moment and you'll find a swelling tide of good, one drop at a time.  If you can't do it for you, do it for the NPCs around you ;)  They might just write a poem someday that gives purpose to all of your suffering.

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  1. I really like this:) It's very true and applicable to "real life." Think about it, if you where never born EVERYTHING would be different, even if you aren't some big, outgoing person. Everything you do affects someone