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brain eating dream

So in this dream, it was common practice for people to go around and switch brains with each other.  Everyone kind of had a resonant frequency in their hearts that with the right brain they could "bend" an element ala Avatar.

However, a small faction had discovered the ability to simply STEAL these aspects, destroying the other person in the process.  They grew in power and destroyed many people.  But it took quite a while to find the pieces that would fit together to form these perfect brains that were masters of all elements.  It also took many, many failures-- each failure a life ruined.  A peculiar set of things began to happen once all four elements began to align in specific individuals.

Once all four elements were in line, in my dream the whole color of the world changed for these individuals.  Things in the world could also be slightly different-- tea instead of coffee, male instead of female, brown instead of green.

For every one person in this crazy cult, another person suddenly rose in consciousness.  Balance, or something.  I didn't understand at the time.  It was kind of Heroes-style, where the cult would steal the brains and the enlightened would simply empathize with it and use that power.

So I was an enlightened individual and things were crazy.  Once at that level, there were four new pieces to achieve from the brains of enlightened individuals.  So the process started over again.  Always this search from those cultists on top to find these individuals who had the emotional centers they needed to steal (of whom I was now one of).  I uprooted my life and began running.  No, not running, searching.  Searching for others to resonate with and grow.  Searching for others not so I could ascend, but just because I enjoyed it.

After finding all eight, we ascended yet again.  The strangest had yet to come.  The pieces formed a map.  Myself and the cult leader ascended together.  Together forming the top and bottom, the black and white, the simultaneous root and branch of this map of balanced nodes.  This map was formed in such a way that I realized we never COULD find each other.  He was always searching for me and I was always eluding him.  Not by my skill but simply because the universe would not allow it.

This is the map of the pieces of the brain we were seeking in our own ways.  I ended up being the top, the crown chakra, the ether, the mysterious aqueous solar body, the other.  He ended up being the Earth, embodiment of all the elements, the raw power of the solar system without the guidance, primal in nature, destructive and creative.

While he rotted in his frustration, I began to meditate.  I realized that was just the way it was going to be.  The Earth, frustrated and always seeking, and me unable to be grasped, moving fluidly like water naturally in response to his movements. I stopped worrying and breathed deeply.  I awoke from my dream.

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