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Weird day

Ok, I thought my dream was really weird last night... I was NOT ready for today.

So I went to work.  Our owner randomly decided to do 20% off on online orders and sent an email to every one of our customers who use our perkville system and then disappeared for the day.  Soooooo we got a lot of online orders.  So many orders that we ran out of rice.  We ran out of quinoa.  We ran out of tortillas for burritos and wraps.  We even ran out of one of our soups.  One of my customers at one point said, "oh my gosh, ashley, only WE would have an adventure like this."  It stuck with me.  We closed like 30 minutes early.  So basically, that was nuts but no problem.  Not even weird.

Weird was on the way.

I went out and one of my coworkers was like, hey lets go have a smoke and eat at this burger joint.  Ok.  They have veggie burgers, lets go.  We stop in the park and are having a smoke.  Some dirty fellow comes up to us and says, "excuse me, excuse me, do you have a moment?"  Always.  "See I'm selling DVDs for a dollar fifty each.  I recently found a little Boom Box CD player in the garbage and it runs on D batteries, so I'm saving up for batteries.  I wanna listen to rock and roooooll.  We scope it out and there is a DVD that Yari had wanted to see for ages, so she bought it and gave him 3 dollars.  They kept exchanging back and forth with these quips that just blew my world.  At one point he gave her something and she was like I can't just take that from you and he gave her a penny and said, "You can, but here: a penny for your thoughts."  The conversation was long and hilarious and involved much banter that... made me think he was like the mysterious peddler from Aladdin-- recounting miraculous tales of his imprisonment and eventual release from the lamp.  Because obviously the peddler IS the genie just years later trolling and/or helping people.  How ELSE would he know the story AND be the owner of the lamp.  Genie was the last person to carry it.  Ok, I'll stop talkin' about crazy theories now.  Back to story.  Yari turns to me and says, "did that really just happen?  Only WE would have an adventure like this."

I went to the pier to drop off a resume.

The place was awesome.  They want a jack of all trades.  Tips look incredible.  It felt strange to be in the tourist central, but not be a tourist.  Only

I went to get on the train, I look up from my thoughts and catch the eye of a girl about my age.

A tour bus stops by and says, "get on, the F is down."  Oh ok.  The asian man driving makes a quip about asians and/or a terrible joke every 3 seconds over intercom and plays crazy songs like "we built this city on rock and roll" or "ganman style".  A girl sits next to me, I recognize her eyes from earlier.  Her friend sits on her lap and comments, "we WOULD have this adventure together."  After all of today, I just couldn't get over this silliness.  I started to wonder if I was just hallucinating the whole thing-- if my whole day was actually just uneventful and I just made it up. Then I began to wonder: what if every day was like this?  Would that require normal days?  Or could every day just be crazy?

Ok yeah, that was pretty much my day.  The homeless guy I usually feed with leftovers was gone, so I gave it to his cat and she sat on it, probably thinking, "what a new and adventurous place to sit.  I fit .: I sit."  But that was all within the realms of normal for me.  But what is normal anyway.

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