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krishna dream

This dream felt like 2 dreams but was really only one.  Sorry for the confusingness, but I have to just get this down somewhere.

Dream number one was on top of a hilltop school.  Travel from place to place was treacherous.  I recall at the top of one tower there was an art show I had to weave my way through while not being a part of and at another tower there was a room dedicated to october with candy in it and another room where there was a performance dedicated to megaman.  The details from this dream are fuzzy and I feel the meaning has been long lost.

Dream number two weighs upon me like an elephant who believes she is a cat.  A Krishna shaman was going to speak at a friend's coming of age ceremony.  The ceremony was going to take place at my dad's old house, so I went to visit and show my support.  Alex was doing the art.  The shaman had a tablecloth that doubled as a workspace that he was best known for as a public speaker.  I helped to reassure him that he could speak his true tongue at this ceremony and not just canned stuff from his public speakings.  He was honored and I was equally intrigued.  At one point in the dream, I found myself outside and commented on the momentous weight of the night.  So momentous that we had 3 full fist-sized globes of moons in the sky.  It was magical.  Mom was in this dream too.  She had a camera and was constantly recording things only to find out that she lost the whole moment in being in her camera and lost all chance after realizing she couldn't record it anyway (magic?).  I also remember going into the bathroom and being in really tight quarters in there.  I vaguely remember telling one of the girls in there in embarrassment that without realizing it I'd been using the wrong restroom at this place for all my life.  She then proceeded to take the most monstrously cartoonish sounding dump I've ever heard and I specifically remember Savannah laughing hysterically at the sounds.  The last thing that happened before waking up was I was helping present some of the sacred materials and I picked one of them up and handed it over and looked back to find a familiar cup staring me in the face.

This cup was God.  I don't know if any of my readers know this, but I've been working on a comic for some time now.  It's a comic about a lone protagonist who is set with the task to roam the world frozen in a single moment in time and learn everything necessary to be the next ''god''.  Every comic strip is set to give the protagonist an ''achievement'' a la a video game thing that is somehow both witty and insightful or sometimes just troll.  More on that in another post if not a full preview of the work in progress.  But in this comic, god is always portrayed when he/she/it shows up by a mug.  In my imagination, this was a chipped "best dad ever" coffee mug, but in my dream it was...  Deformed, grotesque even, yet artful.  I knew INSTANTLY when looking at it that I was looking at the face of god.  This shook me to my core.  It was like that moment in a horror film when the full orchestra screams, "duh duh".  And with that, I woke up.

It shook me.  I'm still researching symbols, but ... it was weird.  I had to LOOK UP Krishna not even sure if it existed this morning.  Go figure it is one of the perfect incarnations of Vishnu.  The whole thing was just... disturbing on a variety of different levels that I'd love to explain but I can't because I have to go to work!  Love you, more later.

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  1. That is a really interesting dream. I wonder what it means...hm... But you should definitely preview your comic! :)