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Dreams and Reality: a study of metaphors

It's kinda crazy that I'm posting THIS post now right after my last post, but it is the first one in my journal ... so yeah, here we go:


Often in fiction and in dreams, action and occurrence are nothing but metaphors which act as a window into the true words of the situation.  For instance, one might dream of driving through an oppressive fog whilst in the waking world struggling mentally over something and not knowing or being completely sure of how to proceed   The oppressive fog embodies this concept of not being able to see which direction to take.  When the fog dissipates, one goes through the 'fog' and has reached a clarity of thought where the future turns and decision are clear.

I've been running into this crazy phenomenon recently.  I'm running into this exact fiction-like quality in every aspect of my life.  For instance, I was completely in a funk about leaving my job and students etc and wondering where I was going tomorrow, much less how to continue on my life path.  I was driving home and there was this oppressive fog all around me.  Going slowly and feeling out each turn as I came to it, I eventually had enough time to think and even connect my life to the road before me and I came up with a set of key truths to follow and hold in my heart no matter what.  Within minutes, the fog cleared and I was home free.  The following day, I held strong to that list of truths the foggy road had taught me and began to rise from my funk and ended up being very productive and happy on that uncharacteristically beautiful afternoon.

Basically, my life and the rode I drove were a foggy mess and in learning lessons about driving on foggy roads, I also learned how to clear the metaphoric fog of the twists and turns of my life.  ... I am losing track of what is event and what is metaphor.  I'm seeing beyond the veil of my existence and the existence of other supposedly separate beings and instead am seeing the subtle yet overt interconnectedness and interplay between all things.  It is ... Fascinating-- and I like it.


Ok, I wrote that like a month ago.  After last night... I'm kinda weirded out.

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