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dream ufos

I had a dream I was homeless with my cat.  We were roaming the streets looking for a place to sleep.  Restless, a strange occurrence fell on me.  I felt like I KNEW I was going to get picked up by aliens so at some point in my endless travels, I collapsed down to a knee, then down to my hands and knees, then the mere inches to the Earth's warm embrace.  I knew it was all going to be ok somehow.

Lo and behold, I was abducted by aliens. I cannot quite explain the feeling associated with this experience, but it is somewhere between fear and wonderment.  It is somewhere beyond real, yet it pulls you closer to the truth.  It is somewhere utterly awful, yet all superhero stories start out that way.  I've spoken with others in my waking life about that feeling and while I know that words will never reach what my heart feels, I look into their eyes, open the door between our hearts, and I know this feeling is identical.  Which is utterly unique in all my experience.  It seems most everything has slightly different emotional meaning based on the past of an individual... but not this.

Placed back on Earth, I had a new network of friends in the same circumstance.  Much time passed and we were able to communicate directly through thought-pictures over distance to each other.  This connection brought me off the streets and into the light.  I was doing ok.  Until one fated day.

We were on the ... somewhere between floor 6 and floor 20 ... of a building in a city.  Myself, another female abductee, and a few other bystanders were in a conference room.  I was presenting.  Suddenly, all of us abductees were together in the realm of color.  The realm of color is like this... vast infinite room with nothing in it ala the matrix in white-room mode except instead of white it looks something like THIS.  We all stood there for a moment looking at each other in confusion and possibly panic.  Suddenly, direct emotional transference occurred from some unknown source.  We were shown a vision.  Malice like the desire to watch a man starve to death while eating.  Hatred, like an immortal living thousands of years without love because of one stupid asshat.  Fear, like being born.  Despair, deep as Hell and cold as Heaven.  But then Hope, like a small candle bringing mother and daughter together in a storm that brought the lights out.  It was too much, the other abductees were on the floor.  I alone remained standing, I alone had made it to the end of the message.  I alone knew what it meant.

We were back in the conference room as if nothing had changed.  My colleague was on the verge of collapsing.  I stopped my presentation.  She kept thoughting me questions about what just happened and I couldn't explain.  I didn't know how.  I didn't know what to do.  After a few breathless moments, I stopped my presentation and said that we all have to evacuate now.

Her face appeared in my head.  She was worried, out of the loop, and needed an answer...  I realize now that we do not need words to express these thoughts, the truth is in the eyes, and even deeper in the doorways opened between our hearts...  I responded in the only way I knew how.  The whole room's eyes were on me.  I took a deep breath and spoke to everyone on the planet I could with a single image ingrained in me as a child.  I pointed out the window.

After a moment that lasted forever, a nuclear bomb exploded out over the water.

<Lots of shit happened>

TLDR, this race of connected individuals was able to reforge the world in a way barely conceived by man today.  Once the current system died (thank god), rebuilding occurred.  With such communication and emotional understanding, ideas were exchanged seamlessly, new thoughts were conceived, new ways were formed and spread, trades were made, needs were met, trusts were formed, and slowly these individuals became spiritual leaders.  Connected on a plane far above realizing that the only truth is just below us.


More on this later?  I have to work.

hey, this is my blog now so I'm gonna swear: fuck.  Yeeeeah.

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