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So my skyrim character is a tool.  Willing to help with any problem.  This can be dangerous, for the tasks of men are scarcely without harm to others.  I ran across a camp in the woods.  The men had lost their keep to bandits.  The leader, an older man known as the father, told me his family was being held captive inside.  I decided to help.

No family being held in the keep.  A bandit cooking.  Many more merrily making jokes over the first fine meal they'd had in months.  A leader fierce in study at his desk (good book, I swiped it and read it while he was investigating a strange noise in the hallway).

I reach the roof and open the front gate.

The keep is flooded with militiamen.  The merriment becomes mayhem.  The father is now wearing a bloody mask and his vengeance is wrought on all in sight without remorse.

The fires clear and I cautiously approach the father.  He rewards me with a book and some gold.  The book is the same book the bandit leader was reading.

In my tool-ish and blind quest to help, I unleashed carnage on this day.  Did I make the right choice?  I don't really think I did.

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