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Gas station dream

I had a dream about working for a very specific gas station.  This same gas station has now showed up in three if my dreams lately.  

After my latest dream ja vu, I am convinced this is a real place.  However, it is not a place I have yet been to... Probably.  The gas station has two buildings and a third larger car wash.  It is on a slanted plane on the corner of the road.  It is flanked by an elevated ledge with trees and other fauna behind it.  The top building is where the transactions take place.  Basic foods and supplies live there.  The bathroom and I assume a garage (haunted in a previous dream) are in the other building. The third is a carport of some kind.  I assume a car wash, but in truth I am not totally certain.  

This dream...  I really don't remember much of import really happening, but I am certain now of the whole environment and how each piece fits together not only in physicality, but also in my heart.  Why I had this dream remains a mystery.  

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