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I like that tone

So I was talking to an old student of mine. At some point she said, "when you come to visit" instead of "if you come to visit".

I replied with, "I like your tone, missy."

And I kinda sat on those words for a second because I don't think I have ever heard them said. I have heard, "I don't like your tone, missy" dozens of times, but I have never heard someone say that they LIKE another's tone.

I guess it was just a simple compliment where one was fit, but it stuck with me.

I think we need to compliment more where it is deserved. In a world of such negativity as it is, a simple compliment is one small thing we can do. Why ought it be that I have never heard those words together? Why can't I compliment my neighbor on her tomatoes as she compliments me on my cucumbers (wow that's not dirty) as we exchange them so we can both have a full dinner for the night? Why can't I compliment a badass pair of boots on a customer without her snootily thinking I am fishing for a tip? Why can't a corporation thank its consumers by maintaining high quality and fair prices without seeking a percentage growth every year?

... Ooh ok, that last one will need some heavy thought. Anyway, back to my lunch break. Peace.

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  1. You look nice today:) BAM complimented.