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You are an angel

I give leftover food from my work to the homeless-- only things that would otherwise get thrown away. While illegal to do in most cities, I do it anyway and I don't plan on stopping.

Today I met a very grateful young woman who I have given food before and today she thanked me profusely for my leftovers and said, "omg these things are so delicious. You are an angel."

Without thinking and with a timing that could only be described as magical I replied, "not an angel, just a cashier."

The moment that followed was filled with so much shams. The silence and appreciation in the air was tangible as she smiled and took in what I said.

"No, I am pretty sure you are an angel."

I just smiled, said have a nice Friday, and continued towards my train home, a sack of one or two leftover meals swaying at my side.

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