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I am pretty sure this is not a word, but whatever.

I hear the term "digital native" get thrown around a lot.  The common definition of the term is that someone is a digital native if they grew up with technology and the awkward, non-natural manual ways we as nature's children interact with this inorganic tool.  I think there is hidden meaning in this seemingly arbitrary choice of words our society has chosen.  

Our words, dear reader, tell us so much more than we give them credit for.  To say that someone is a natural or a native of any action implies that their actions are natural-- their actions are of nature, are exactly in line with the perfection of nature, are nothing less than HOLY.  To realize that this term is used like this is to realize that being a natural at computer programming is just the same as being a natural at swimming or Tai Chi.  To connect that transitive strand, when we say someone is a digital native, we are saying that technology is a part of nature now.  As with firecrafting and winfarming, technology is just another element to bend.  Anything born of man is born of nature for that is our universal birthright, my sibling of the great mother.  

To finish off this post, I encourage you to study language carefully.  Up in Alaska, once a boy had killed a moose, it is now theirs and people would say it is HIS and he has taken full responsibility for its life since he has willfully killed it.  Compare that to our own culture where if I were to kill something, it would be a carcass, belonging to death-- I don't want to touch it.  These two HUGE details in the treatment and nature of death comes erupting forth from the words our respective cultures use.  Watch your words, dear reader.  Observe each and every one for the perfection it is and you will be flooded by knowledge about the speaker.  How does one observe each and every word with excruciating detail?  Simple.  We relax.  All of this is beauty is flowing over us like rain.  We can't grasp it, but if we open up wide and just appreciate it, we will find everything we need.

"We kill the Batman" is actually the first thing I said in my head after I said "simple."

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  1. If you only knew how much you sound like my grandfather in this statement, your great grand father Jacob.....His was a peticular interest in his new language when he came to America and how "such descriptive detail could be expressed" Love ya