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Walking in the dirt

I read some article somewhere that taking ten minutes a day with your bare feet in the dirt is better medicine than an apple a day.  I easily get my fix from my garden, but I stumbled upon something interesting this morning.  

After working in the garden, I was taking out the recycling and a patch of sun over concrete brought my feet back to the cool and refreshing dirt.  Astounded at the relief on my previously burning feet, I took a moment to appreciate the dirt because I am a hippie or something.  In doing so, I suddenly felt all the benefits I read about in that article ages ago.  Be it suggestion, placebo, truth, or magic, no matter how I came to feel that way, I cannot argue with the feels I felt.  

As with many things, I was reminded in that moment that they key is gratitude.  Perhaps standing in dirt for ten minutes is only correlated to this feeling.  Perhaps it is energetically accepting grace and gratitude that is the cause of the fuzzy feels I felt.  I don't have any of these answers in words, dear reader.  All I have are my feels and a heart as inquisitive as GlaDOS's curiosity core.  But isn't that the same for everyone?

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