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Tattoo idea

I am borrowing a tattoo gun from a friend and giving myself a tattoo.  Before you go cautioning me in the comments, my dear reader, please hear me out.  This is a good idea, I swear.

Starting at my wrist will be the first of many rings moving up my arm.  Each ring will be a year of my life starting at a specific date.  Much like the rings of a tree, each ring further up will represent another year of my life.  Heavily spiritual moments will be etched into a tangible history on my arm metaphorically as a tree ring heavy with rain.  Drought representing personal droughts, thunder marks representing cataclysmic change, ants and flowers, lumps and knots, transplant marks and wind burn, dustings, injuries, experimental growth stars, nutrient colors, every mark on the rings of a tree tells its past.  Each and every ring on my body can use these marks as a symbolic language to write a detailed autobiography of my whole life on my left arm.  

I don't know if I could trust a tattoo artist to pour herself into every pixel of ink as I will have to in order to bring this design to speak as I want it to.  This is why I am going the "borrow the gun" path with this idea.  

Major props to The Fountain for inspiring this idea.  Future Hugh Jackman has similar rings reaching up his arm in this movie.  Hidden in this costume detail is evidence pointing to him being a number of hundreds of years old in this setting while maintaining Tom (aka Hugh Jackman from the present-day story) as the same Tom and not another reincarnation through the display of the tattoo ring on his finger from when he lost their wedding band in his distant past.  I would love to continue discussing the plot and how the details imply some pretty mind-blowing things, but I'll save the spoilers and the nerdgasm for individual discussion with you someday.  Peace.


  1. I may have misread past the point of doing your own tattoo but from someone with just a few tattoos the difference of a pro verses even another so called professional good work makes a ton of difference.You know Cory at Classic is the only person I would let do any additional work on me and I would know his work would please you. So please consider this. Love ya.

  2. The borrowing of the gun idea kinda makes me go "say whaaaa", but I trust your judgement enough and I love it it either way. I'm totally looking forward to seeing your soul on your skin (sounds kinda dirty buut.. we're all adults here.. I think). I guess only you can make yourself more beautiful, whether but the things you do or say, the the things you wear and choose to represent. gl ♥

    Looking forward to showing off mine tomorrow ;)